The Latest and Greatest Way to Donate

For non-profit organizations, it isn’t always easy to get people to donate. For instance, if you’re advertising a charitable organization on a poster, how would you go about getting people to give their hard-earned money? Tell them to visit a website or make a phone call?

The truth is that a lot of people are on the fence about donating. Sure, they’ll donate… If it’s easy! A lot of people simply won’t go out of their way to make a donation. The result is that most advertisers get passed up.

But now, thanks to the advantages of mobile technology, it’s a lot easier to donate. With new specialty QR codes, non-profits can set up codes that bring people to a donation page with the scan of a code. Donating has never been so easy!

 These QR codes can be spread around prolifically across a variety of mediums. All someone has to do is pull out his or her smartphone and scan a code. It’s that simple. Let’s face it: people are lazy. So why not accommodate them and make it easy for them to donate their money?

This technology, if used right, can really positively change the world… one code at a time!