How to Get Up Early and Get Work Done


Is your work productivity under par? The following simple steps will help you get organized, inspired, and motivated to start each and every work day with a “can do” attitude. Except for Mondays. (Mondays you’re on your own…)

1. Get enough sleep- A good night’s rest makes for more energy and productivity in the morning. Ditch the alcohol and caffeine and opt for a nightcap such as a cup of tea or warmed milk to help induce those much needed zzzz’s.

2. Plan a delicious breakfast- Even if you’re not a morning eater, planning a meal or beverage of choice gives you something to look forward to and wake up for. Coffee drinks, pancakes, etc. Make something special and make it your daily ritual. (Bonus if you don’t have to cook!)

3. Sleep in darkness- Ditch the nightlights, television and any other bright lights and background noises. Sleeping in total darkness allows your body to get into a fully relaxed state and promises a quality sleep.

4. Read a magazine or a book before bed. Don’t hop on to your iPad, computer, or the television. You want to reduce your activity before bed to “quiet time”. When you start getting sleepy, close the pages and lights out.

5. Schedule important tasks first thing in the morning- If you have a lot on your plate, tackle the biggest tasks first thing in the morning while you have the energy and the time. Small, quick matters can be dealt with in between larger projects.

6. Turn off your phone- There’s no reason to be checking out social media and your friend’s status updates during your rest and recollection time. Limit your phone activity to necessary calls only, and place your device on your nightstand instead.

7. Put the alarm out of teach- The hardest part of many people’s mornings is waking up to that annoying alarm. Instead of keeping it within reach, make turning off the alarm the reason you have to get up out of bed. When it’s placed across the room, you have no excuse but to GET up, and once you do- you’re not far from the coffee pot!

8. Listen to music- Whether in the car on the drive to work or as background noise while you work from home, music keeps the gears in motion and helps productivity. Be mindful of your co-workers and use headphones, if necessary.

9. Stop reading email- Sure, it’s very common to check your emails once you head into the office, so long as you understand the distraction of spam mail and “Click here for 20% off shopping!” Stay focused and put your brain back into your work.

10. Get off social media- Just like email, social media poses a very real distraction from your work and duties. Limit your social networking to just a few minutes in the morning and afternoon. Nobody needs to know where you ate, what you’re doing this weekend, or why your rants and raves. Just share this post- and help them get back to work too.

It feels good to get stuff done!