5 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks

website sucks

No matter how fool-proof and solid your business plan, the following 5 reasons why your website sucks can help you avoid unforeseen complications. (Because those suck too.)

1. The Content Sucks- First, the content on your website can’t be good. It has to be great! Everybody might think they’re a writer, but you’d be amazed at how many mistakes that can be found once you dive deeper into the site content. On the flipside, no matter how correct your grammar or spelling is, your content will still suck if it is boring. You’re better off hiring a writer who can churn out articles that are fun, engaging, informative, and relevant, and who understands the rule of Who, What, When, Where, and (Why) am I writing this? Because…

2. Your Site is Not Mobile- If your website can not be viewed correctly without lagging speed and glitches on mobile devices, your brand sucks. Investing in a digital marketing agency is no longer an option- it’s mandatory if you want to be part of the times. Most people ditched their desktops a long time ago. Why?

3. Your Website is TOO Slow- People are on the go! Life is fast-paced. We live in the digital age. When would-be customers visit your website and things start slowing down, they’re outta there faster than you can say, “Come back!” In fact, you probably didn’t even say, “Come back!” Why? Because you also forgot…

4. You Don’t Have a Call to Action- Believe it or not, people like being told what to do. Sure, they like choices, but in the end people need to be directed. Park here. Sign up here. Register here. Pay here. Our minds are so busy processing what we read, see, think, and feel, that being told WHAT to do after reading a page, an email, or a letter, helps us get back in line where we belong. Are you telling your visitors what to do after they visit your website? If not, your site sucks. And the reason is…

5. You Don’t Know Your Audience- If you don’t know your audience, what they’re interested in, their demographics, and how to speak to them, your website sucks. Simple as that.

Businesses require more than a good name. More than a good plan. And more than a lucrative spend account. A successful brand needs to have a keen understanding of its customer and how to reach them. The mobile era provides endless opportunity for brands to connect with potential leads.

If you can’t do that on the World Wide Web, well then, your brand…nevermind.

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