Don’t Let SEO Confuse You. It’s Just Another Part of the Sales Process.

Every year Google updates its algorithm more than 600 times and conducts over 10,000 experiments about how to change it. So while keeping up with the latest Google Updates matters for SEO strategy, if you are basing a strategy on just algorithm updates then it’s time to reconsider. The key to good SEO, whether local or traditional, is understanding user intent.

Or in other words, knowing what keywords are connected with the desire to visit your website. It comes down to empathizing with your target market. If you can’t put yourself in their shoes, how can know which keywords to focus on? All too often SEOs forget that search engine optimization is just a form of marketing, and that marketing is a part of the sales process.

The same principles that work for direct mail, newspaper ads, and promotional products work for local and traditional SEO. The playing field is just a bit different. So while it’s important to educate yourself on Google and the numerous SEO ‘tems’ that can become so confusing, what really matters is learning more about the customer you want. And that’s always been the essence of good marketing.