Best Advice for Digital Marketing and Growing a Social Media


Whether you’re wondering how to ensure that consumers can find your business online, or need a few tips to boost your company’s social media presence, the following advice for digital marketing and social media will serve you and your customers well.

Best Advice for Digital Marketing and Social Media

Optimize Your Website

If your business isn’t easily located online, people won’t find you. A website that’s been fully optimized for search results is crucial if you want to attract new and repeat business. A mobile-friendly website loads faster and displays correctly. If people are turned off by your website after they click, away they go…

Use Correct Metadata

If your website is outdated, your metadata probably needs to be cleaned up as well. Incorrect metadata can influence your ratings and, in turn, affect your search visibility. Go through your tags and descriptions and see if anything needs updating to reflect the content of your page or your business.

Go Local

Customers love to read online business reviews. Attract more locals in your area by optimizing your website with keywords and local happenings in your town. Your geographical location should be part of your site content along with your address so that your business can be discovered through a combination of local search strings and relevant keywords.

Be Social

Once you build your local business you’ll want to be social to stay in touch with your regular customers to encourage their repeat business, and of course promote all of the events of your company. Social media management is a crucial part of your online marketing strategy and you should go at it with a good plan as to which social media channels you will be active on (Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and the frequency in which you plan to post content. You’ll want to share the most useful and relevant content for your readers if you want to increase page engagement and shares.


Creating web content is one of the best ways to drive regular web traffic to your site. If you don’t have a blog, now is the time to re-think that. Posting a weekly or daily blog keeps your ranking fresh in search results. The more stagnant your website, the less visitors you reach. If you’re not creating engaging web content you should consider hiring a professional that can turn out blog articles that are informative, interesting, and that centralize on the keywords and the theme of your industry.

Promote Content

Once you have your blogs you’ll need to promote them. This means you’ll need to publish your web content on social media networks. In addition, you should continue to promote your older, evergreen content as often as possible. As long as your shared content is still useful and beneficial, there’s nothing wrong with keeping strong blogs in rotation.

Keep Trying

No matter what your plan of attack is when it comes to promoting your business, the best advice for digital marketing and growing a social media presence is to be patient, analytical, and crazy enough to make a few changes as you see necessary. Successful digital marketing is a combination of both creativity and science. What works for one business might not work for your own brand. It’s best to get to know your audience and learn exactly why they research or buy from businesses like yours, and then connect with them.

Spend the time to research and analyze your efforts. Find our which published blog posts brought in the most traffic, for example, or determine which days your social traffic is most active. When you promote your business locally, and then make the effort of maintaining a social presence, you position your brand for long-term success and encourage loyal shoppers. To encourage new customers, make sure your business website is always growing. An active, well-maintained and well-ranked web site is an indication of a strong and vibrant company that consumers are eager to do business with. You can’t get a better review than that! (Or at least that’s what Google thinks.)

Do you have a piece of digital marketing advice you’d love to share? Leave us a comment below. If you need to amp up your social presence or update your company’s website to a new and improved mobile-friendly version, please contact gotcha! Mobile Solutions today.