9 Reasons Why You Should Love Local Businesses


The following list of why you should love local businesses serves as a reminder that the little shop down the street, might need a little TLC. You don’t know what you got till it’s gone. Remember that. So instead of filling up your coffee cup with a Mocha-Lava-Java-Hot-Cuppa-Love at the big “S” this Valentines Day weekend, stop and smell the beans at a little charming coffee shop, and show your love!

9 Reasons Why You Should Love Local Businesses

There are many different reasons you should love your local businesses. Admit it, you’ve been shopping online, waiting for the UPS man, and heading out to Target on the weekends. Shame on you. Go buy a kite from the local toy store and instead, go outside to play. These are all the reasons a local business can brighten your day:

1. Accessible- Wrong size? Not a problem. While the modern convenience of ordering online has its perks, purchases such as clothing often find themselves in the return pile thanks to poor craftsmanship, quality, or a bad fit. Returning purchases adds not only to the original cost of the purchase when considering shipping expense, shoppers lose time as well. Local businesses are accessible throughout the week during their normal business hours. Poor quality or unwanted merchandise can usually be returned in person for an immediate exchange or refund. Spending your money at an accessible business is often a safer bet than dealing with online retailers.
2. Trust- Local businesses don’t have the luxury of conversing with customers over the computer, out of sight and out of mind. Instead local businesses have to stay involved with their customers to encourage repeat business. They have to go above and beyond the normal call of duty to please each and every customer. Most small businesses rely heavily on their reputation and a bad business deal is never desired. Local businesses work hard to earn the trust of their customers and are more likely to appreciate loyal shoppers.
3. Reliability- What you see is what you get when it comes to most local businesses. Unlike large corporations that might stake false claims or over promise and under deliver, a small local business tends to operate in a reliable manner. If they want to keep their doors open and their customer base returning, reliability is key for any business.
4. Build community- Small businesses help to build local communities. Imagine that small little town that was practically asleep before the local coffee shop opened its doors and woke the streets up. Local establishments provide a place for community members, neighbors and friends to gather and meet. Becoming the local hangout doesn’t mean you have to offer the best product or even the most competitive pricing, often it is just a matter of becoming that favorite place for people to go. If you patronize a company that helps build community, you’re showing your appreciation for the efforts and expenses that business incurs to provide your town a place to call home.
5. In the family- Many people support local businesses because they know the owners like family. Or perhaps they ARE family. Generational businesses are popular within small communities because they have been around for a very long time. Pairing that will all the other qualities that make a good business, such as reliability, trust, and accessibility, established businesses also offer a nostalgic connection to friends and family members.
6. Customer service- How often have you heard a bad review regarding customer service from a well-established local business? Not often. Even when issues arise regarding quality or expectations, most professional and trustworthy local business owners know they can’t tell off their patrons without consequence. Customer service is key in building rapport within your community and that means service is usually served up with a smile.
7. Competitive- Local businesses know they have to fight for their dollar. This means they’ll often be much more competitive amongst one another, as well as with online competitors. If they can’t match prices a local business might offer a different perk such as a better selection, or even a more reasonable return policy. If it can be done most local businesses will offer a perk for going local, and for coming back. Find out if your favorite business offers any shopper rewards and be sure to sign up for emails or download mobile apps that keep you connected with store specials and promotional events.
8. You’re loyal- Many people love their local businesses simply because they’re loyal. It wouldn’t matter if the largest and best bookstore opened up around the corner, a loyal shopper knows that the dusty shelves of their favorite used book store is still abundant in worth. From the well-trained sales staff to the family-oriented special in-store events, local shops have that special charm that make them more inviting. What can your business do to create atmosphere?
9. Unique- Some things you just can’t find online. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a unique local business that stocks and sells exactly what you’re looking for. Shopping locally provides the opportunity to build relationships with business owners, who can then work harder to earn your repeat business by stocking the things that you love. Take the time to get to know your local merchants and help keep their doors open by asking for what you want, and then going to get it!

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