What is Your Value Proposition?

When I speak with businesses, I typically ask them, “what is your value proposition?” I am usually met with silence, then I ask, what sets you apart from your competitors…then I get them to start talking.

Understanding your value proposition can help create the most effective online advertising campaigns. With online advertising, most of the time, your competition’s ads is right next to yours, so what is going to make them choose you.

Some value propositions:

  • Length of time in business
  • Local business
  • Large selection
  • Lowest prices
  • Free shipping
  • Free gift/sample
  • Free quote/estimate/consultation
  • Lowest price guarantee

Some business say they have great customer service. That is great, but that is not a value proposition, it is expected that each business out there should have good customer service.

When coming up your creative messaging, think outside the box. Always see what the competition is doing and do better if you can.

It is easy for customers to do competitive research to make sure they are going with the best choice, so make it easy for them. Don’t forget to make sure all your offers or value propositions are clearly noted on your website too.