Google Tracking Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Google might have just overcome an interesting data based problem. In the past, the search engine could not connect people’s activity on mobile apps with their mobile web searches. Google’s ad network stretches across thousands of apps, and the search giant has been frustrated with it’s inability to connect the dots.

All of this is changing, however. Ad Age reports

“the online ad giant is set to begin testing a new method of targeting tablet and smartphone users that connects the separate tracking mechanisms that follow what people do on the mobile web and in mobile apps respectively, the people said. Until now, advertisers have usually been forced to treat individual mobile users as two unconnected people, depending on whether they are using a mobile browser or apps.”

This is great news for companies and brands interested in mobile banner advertising, because ad-targeting with Google’s new tracking abilities will be so much more powerful. Information from mobile searches is much better for advertising than activity on mobile apps, which doesn’t reveal much about the user in question.

If you have been hesitant about launching a mobile banner ad campaign, it might be time to reconsider.