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Posted by on Dec 23, 2011 in Mobile Advertising, Mobile Marketing | 1 comment

Mobile Advertising – The Next Big Thing Is Here

The advertising sector is far from unchanging. People are always looking for the best way to sell a product, making this industry one that sees many changes and evolutional epochs. In today’s day and age, the current trend in advertising comes unsurprisingly  from the mobile sector.

Because people are always with their phones, mobile marketing has become the latest and greatest way to reach individuals. Mobile phones are everywhere, and while radio broadcasts, televisions and computers are also all around, they simply don’t have the relationships that mobile phones have with their owners. Because a mobile device is such an intimate device – that is, it’s constantly accessible and always monitored – there is simply no better way to reach people.

Mobile devices also allow marketers to reach people in more creative ways. For example, consider a billboard: billboards are very limited when it comes to the types of advertisements they can hold… often painfully so. Mobile devices simply do not suffer the same fate. Marketers can send videos, audio clips, banners, coupons, and more.

Because of the sheer accessibility and versatility of mobile devices, mobile marketing is truly taking off. Don’t get left behind – see how mobile marketing can better your business.

1 Comment

  1. Just returned from Las Vegas PPAI Show . . . Christopher Jenkin CEO of Gotcha! Mobile Solutions is riding the “white horse” leading the charge for the rapidly approaching Mobile Advertising Revolution. Normal advertising just isn’t working and has proven less and less effective for some time now . . . ADtext anyone? Oh yeah!

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